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Innovation begins with collaboration.

Ascension Group International is a technology-led equity investment firm that believes together is the best way to make big things happen. We partner with leaders of successful mid-market organizations who are ready to optimize their business for maximum cash flow and enterprise value. We strongly believe that companies that embrace digital transformation will be the next generation of industry leaders.
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What We Do

What We Do

When your company is ready for the next level, we know how to take it there because we’ve done it ourselves.

We’re operators at heart and we practice proactive ownership. No matter how complex your path gets, we have the knowledge and tools to navigate it.


We work with you to:
  • Transform into a data driven, objectively run operation
  • Create owner independence and freedom
  • Add strategy, digital, operational and financial depth
  • Navigate the digital transformation journey
  • Create a new product or attack a new market
  • Realign and improve performance
  • Participate in the succession plan
  • Prepare your business for investment or exit

We don’t just direct – we deliver.


About Us

We’re made in the Midwest.

We’re proud of our roots and we choose to partner with our neighbors.

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Our Approach

How we solve for X.

We have a tried and true, battle-tested approach to creating consistent outcomes. Within the first six months of engagement, we dig into your business, processes, team, assets, and opportunities to develop an actionable strategic plan. Contact us to learn how we achieve transformational results.

More About Our Strategy

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